The Disadvantages of the Rydell Financial Approach

1.   “Rydell’s fee will result in less money for me”:

We are proud of the fact that we earn our fee many times over by typically achieving 10% to 25% higher selling prices for our clients than conventional procedures.  We handle all the work with professional quality and you still come out way ahead financially net of fees.  So in effect, you get our services for “free”.

2.  “An exclusive agreement puts all my eggs in one basket”:

The six-month exclusive agreement allows us to put a lot of energy into achieving your objectives knowing that if we do our job and get results we can earn our fee.  Furthermore, as a coordinator of the process, we can compare all serious buyers and give you advice relative to each.  We can coordinate the negotiations with buyers so that we maximize your price through the “auction” process.  We can identify 99% of the potential acquires so very little is given up in an exclusive arrangement.  You get a professional, coordinated selling program.